against and beyond fortress europa

"In the first chapter, Hugo Durieux examines the metaphor of 'Fortress Europe' which, some 30 years after its emergence, is still valid in describing European migration policies, and their basic ideas, objectives and contradictions. However, accepting a metaphor of that nature, as Durieux suggests, simultaneously implies acknowledging the hidden promises the metaphor carries. What the author does in his chapter is to briefly sketch the significance of the metaphor 'Fortress Europe' in understanding European immigration policies and in shaping possible resistance against these policies. He also suggests that 'Fortress Europe' may be considered an obsolete imagery, since the nature of power relations nowadays may call for metaphors that go beyond that of the 'fortress'."

'Against and Beyond Fortress Europe', in: Demetra Fr. Sorvatzioti et al. (eds.), Critical Views on Crime, Policy and Social Control. Cyprus, University of Nicosia Press, 2014, 12-21.

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