Metaphors on Order and Deviance from the Work of Julia Kristeva

In September 1988, the 16th annual conference of the European Group for the STudy of Deviance and Social Control took place in a remote hotel high up in the mountains of Jotunheimen, Norway. Fascinating: where we were staying, the weather was cold and snowy, like in winter or late harvest, while down in the valleys there was a real shiny summer climate.

Equally fascinating: the presence of a large group of Scandinavian, hard-core, man-hating feminists ("Every man is a potential rapist"). After I did my presentation one evening, some women told me they had attented because they were intrigued by the fact that a man would address feminist issues or a female thinker. 

'Metaphors on Order and Deviance from the Work of Julia Kristeva', in Gender, Sexuality and Social Control (ed. by Bill Rolston and Mike Tomlinson), 
Working Papers N°10, 1990, 10-25.

(The footnotes mentioned in the text are absent in the publication.)


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