European Group

Ik heb een nieuwe link toegevoegd aan de European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control.

De European Group houdt van 5 tot 9 september in Nicosia (Cyprus) zijn veertigste jaarlijkse conferentie. Het thema dit jaar is 'Beyond the Wire': Regulating Division, Conflict and Resistance.

The conference aims to explore the complexity of social conflicts and the way in which occupation (military or otherwise) can lead to the marginalisation of identifiable groups of people in societies divided by historical and territorial claims. It will examine the meaning of going ‘beyond the wire’ or beyond the frontiers of a given conflict.

The conference intends to place deeply embedded social fault lines into context, and specifically to consider their impact on processes of criminalisation, justice and social control. The conference will seek to examine the manner in which social divisions and conflicts implicitly or explicitly underpin definitions of ‘crime’, justice, political constructions of order and ideologies of the ‘other’.

Conference Streams

- Social divisions and the application of the criminal law

- Anti-security

- Eco-global ‘crimes’, harms and abuse and consequences for human and nonhuman individuals and species

- Class, state power and corporate harms

- The criminalisation and victimisation of migrants and minority ethnic communities

- Marginalisation, exclusion and social control

Ik presenteer er een paper met de werktitel ‘Securitizing Europe: the Enemy, the Criminal, and Beyond’. De tekst daarvan komt later op deze website.

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